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Full Version: The Memethread
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This tread is intended to post memes to MLB. Self-created or found. But please make sure that they do not violate the forum rules.
At the beginning some rules for akumatizing. For all butterfly miraculous owners...

[Image: Polish_20191215_135036079.jpg]

And because I'm in the process: A little comic about: "Why don't they recognize each other?" Maybe it's the Miraculous?

[Image: 1576416370-picsay.jpg]
Bonus points for Ma Flodder! Love her!

And the comic really embraces the "visual misconception meme", great work!
[Image: lots-of-computers-rich-secret-identity-i...137272.png]

Makes total sense to me xD

Rich, computers, secret identity, cats...  Adrien is Blofeld!

I love this so much!