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Since there is not really a thread for Not-shipping-related Fanart ...

I'll make the start with these really cool AU-Pictures which show our heros like Ying and Yan.

[Image: tumblr_oxdky3Jzj71qdur69o2_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_oxdky3Jzj71qdur69o1_1280.jpg]
Original by Ferisae
[Image: tumblr_ofdbj2JYdp1qdur69o1_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_ofdbj2JYdp1qdur69o2_r1_1280.png]
Original by Ferisae
P.S.: The Dragon-One kind of remind me of The Legend of Aang... Season 3? With Zuko?
Here you have a topless Marinette with Ladybug-Wings Adrien 

[Image: tumblr_o5ddwfdKIW1tq7gb8o1_1280.jpg]
Original by Sofiaruelle
These look really cool!
[Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo2_250.png][Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo1_250.png]
[Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo3_1280.png]
Original by Nathengyn
[Image: tumblr_ow2seyB2oC1r7oh7po1_1280.jpg]
Original by Valenlarae
[Image: tumblr_ouayhrbmh91riil1fo4_r1_1280.png]
Original by hchano
[Image: tumblr_nvnlk4EbkG1qe1sypo1_500.png]
Original by mingiz
Found by Lunian
Marinette is the perfect Kwami-Carer

[Image: tumblr_ogci6yCMc11tekrvuo1_1280.jpg]
Original by Z.O.E.
I like how Plagg kinda does not approve...
(24.05.2020, 00:11)DrDerrek Wrote: [ -> ]I like how Plagg kinda does not approve...

Yes, he looks a bit grumpy. Marinette probably doesn't have Camembert with her ...
This pic is totally awesome! It shows the once akumatised classmates with their akumatised items and the arm looks like theri akumatised form *-*
This is sooooo cool Heart

[Image: tumblr_p1ensaLv9W1uki5nlo1_1280.png]
Original by Mirachatulous
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