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Fanart - Samyra - 23.01.2020

Since there is not really a thread for Not-shipping-related Fanart ...

I'll make the start with these really cool AU-Pictures which show our heros like Ying and Yan.

[Image: tumblr_oxdky3Jzj71qdur69o2_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_oxdky3Jzj71qdur69o1_1280.jpg]
Original by Ferisae
[Image: tumblr_ofdbj2JYdp1qdur69o1_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_ofdbj2JYdp1qdur69o2_r1_1280.png]
Original by Ferisae
P.S.: The Dragon-One kind of remind me of The Legend of Aang... Season 3? With Zuko?

Winged Marinette - Samyra - 01.02.2020

Here you have a topless Marinette with Ladybug-Wings Adrien 

[Image: tumblr_o5ddwfdKIW1tq7gb8o1_1280.jpg]
Original by Sofiaruelle

Butterfly - Samyra - 22.03.2020

These look really cool!
[Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo2_250.png][Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo1_250.png]
[Image: tumblr_ph18tnnrw31u09tulo3_1280.png]
Original by Nathengyn

Bye bye ... - Samyra - 28.03.2020

[Image: tumblr_ow2seyB2oC1r7oh7po1_1280.jpg]
Original by Valenlarae

Angels - Samyra - 10.04.2020

[Image: tumblr_ouayhrbmh91riil1fo4_r1_1280.png]
Original by hchano

RE: Fanart - Samyra - 02.05.2020

[Image: tumblr_nvnlk4EbkG1qe1sypo1_500.png]
Original by mingiz
Found by Lunian

Everyone loves Marinette - Samyra - 23.05.2020

Marinette is the perfect Kwami-Carer

[Image: tumblr_ogci6yCMc11tekrvuo1_1280.jpg]
Original by Z.O.E.

RE: Fanart - DrDerrek - 24.05.2020

I like how Plagg kinda does not approve...

RE: Fanart - Dakota - 24.05.2020

(24.05.2020, 00:11)DrDerrek Wrote: I like how Plagg kinda does not approve...

Yes, he looks a bit grumpy. Marinette probably doesn't have Camembert with her ...

Akumatised Classmates - Samyra - 28.05.2020

This pic is totally awesome! It shows the once akumatised classmates with their akumatised items and the arm looks like theri akumatised form *-*
This is sooooo cool Heart

[Image: tumblr_p1ensaLv9W1uki5nlo1_1280.png]
Original by Mirachatulous