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Season 5 - News and Spoiler
27.11.2019, 01:01
DrDerrek Offline

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Season 5 - News and Spoiler
Season 5 News and Spoilers

Seasson 4 has not even started yet and Jeremy Zag is already teasing us. In his recent Instagram post, he says, that Marinette might travel the world looking for lost Kwamis. Find his original Instagram post here:

Besides that, we already know, that Mundo Gloob is now a partner of ZAG Heroez regarding Miraculous. I hope we do not see too much change in scene and setting into the wrong direction. I will keep you posted!

29.11.2019, 15:40
Dakota Offline
Mayor Paris

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RE: Season 5 - News and Spoiler
I do not think there will be many new locations.
Maybe a special in Rio or a visit to the temple in Tibet. Too many new places to create 3D models make production more expensive and it takes too much time.

Sorry for what i said when i was akumatized...
22.10.2022, 16:19
Samyra Offline
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RE: Season 5 - News and Spoiler
Since I saw a lot of footage of episodes and clips on Tiktok which I have never seen before, and it also looked not at all fan-animated, I realised, they slowly started Season 5 without me knowing :O

I found this Episode-list online:
[Image: IMG-20220320-WA0005.jpg]

There are also release dates on Wikipedia
and I acutally found the first three episodes online and well ...
I'm off watching them for now The Owl

[Image: Transformation-Kiss-kl.png]

Adrinette, Ladrien, Marichat, Ladynoir
Ship all of them!


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